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Debbie & Blake


Boy asks Girl

Blake Allen Ferris and Deborah Jill Williams met on 10-10-14, their first official date was a sushi place where Blake told Debbie not to embarrass him and ask for a fork. She did not order a fork and on 12-12-14 Blake asked Debbie to be his girlfriend on a weekend trip to San Diego. Fast forward five years later, 3 dogs and a home of their own, Blake decided to make it even more official. At the housewarming party of their new home with all of their friends and family, Blake gave a toast to new beginnings (on the deck that Debbie specifically said was the ugliest part of the yard, lol). After his toast he got down on one knee and asked Debbie to marry him. After lots of venue shopping the only venue that felt right was the place they call home and where they agreed to forever. So on June 11, 2022 Blake and Debbie will tie the knot in their own backyard.


Love Story

Our Big Day

Calimesa, CA 92320

Attire is Cocktail. Ceremony and reception will be in grass.

The Wedding
Bridal Party

Meet The Bridal Party

Darlena Mayberry

Maid of Honor

Debbie met Darlena in Daisy scouts. After years apart they reconnected in high school and have been besties since. She brings the excitement to our life.

Nicole Mikkelson

Matron of Honor

Nicole is Debbie's niece (two years older) and built-in best friend. There are plenty of photos of them in matching outfits to be shared. She is our biggest cheerleader!


Best Man

Daniel is Blake's little brother. They talk more than Blake and Debbie and have just as many matching outfit pictures.



Brad met Blake in College and have been getting into trouble together ever since. Brad will always keep it real with us. He might almost bring more excitement to our lives than Darlena.



Your love, laughter and company on our wedding day is the greatest gift of all. However, if you wish to honor us with a gift, we have registered at the following stores:

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(Click the images for a link to the registry)

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We have a room block at the Oak Valley Holiday Inn Express. Please reference the Ferris Wedding for a discounted rate when booking. 

In the alternative, some other local hotels are: Morongo Resort and Casino and The Mission Inn Hotel.


Uber and Lyft both operate around our area but can be harder to book later in the night. Parking is also available on the street but limited so carpooling is always a good idea.

  • What should I wear?
    We can't wait to dance the night away with our favorite people. Dress to impress in your best cocktail attire! Our wedding ceremony and reception will take place on the lawn - please bear this in mind when selecting footwear.
  • Can I bring a +1?
    While we'd love to have your guests attend, we want to keep the wedding as intimate as possible with only immediate friends and family present for our special day. Please refer to your RSVP card on how many seats have been reserved for your party. Thank you for understanding our wishes.
  • Can I bring kids to the wedding?
    While we love kids and especially those of our friends and family, we are very limited on space and want our guests to thouroughly enjoy an adult evening. Therefore, aside from immediate family we are requesting no children under the age of 13. Please refer to your RSVP card on how many seats have been reserved for your party. Thank you for understanding our wishes.
  • Do I have to mail back my RSVP or can I RSVP online?
    We will gladly accept a response in either form, whatever is easiest for you. We hope it's a yes!
  • When is the RSVP deadline?
    We kindly request all RSVP's be turned in no later than May 14th to ensure an accurate headcount for all of our vendors.
  • Where is the ceremony?
    Both the ceremony and reception will be located at our home. 35091 Buena Mesa Drive Calimesa, CA 92320
  • Where is the reception?
    Both the ceremony and reception will be located at our home. 35091 Buena Mesa Drive Calimesa, CA 92320
  • Can I take pictures during the ceremony/post on social media?
    Please NO pictures of the ceremony, unless you want Debbie to kick you out. Kidding, kindof lol. We kindly ask that you refrain from pictures of the ceremony. We have enlisted the best photography team we know and trust them fully to capture our big day. We will gladly share all of our photos with you and wish to see your faces in these photos, not your phone. After the ceremony however, please feel free to take as many photos as your heart desires and tag any social media posts with #FromThisDayFerris so we can reminisce with you on the days to follow.
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